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XXXTREEME Solution Synthetic Urine. Complete with a lifelike prosthetic in the skin tone of your choice.

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  • Complete with a lifelike prosthetic in the skin tone of your choice.

  • Operation valve completely silent, no annoying clicking or snapping noises.

  • Bag and valve assembly is one complete unit, can be separated from the belt for easy cleaning, or replacing.

  • Fill port built directly into valve assembly, no extra fill ports to leak or crack.

  • Only the best available vinyl and components are used to ensure against leaks.

  • Prosthetic made with FDA approved hypoallergenic silicone.

  • This silicone is exceptionally durable, guaranteed not to rip or tear.

  • Skin tone colors mixed directly into silicone, will not fade, bleed, or change color.

  • Adjustable elastic belt will accommodate up to a 48-inch waist. (Extensions available).

  • Easy to read temperature strip.

THE XXXTREEME kit includes:

  1. Solution device
  2. Belt
  3. Bag Assembly
  4. Prosthetic
  5. Two (2) non toxic dehydrated synthetic urine vials (The Golden Solution)
  6. Four adhesive organic heat pads designed for the specific temperature
  7. Syringe to fill product
  8. Temperature strip
  9. Complete instructions for proper use

*Please use responsibly. These products are to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.

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  • Using the supplied syringe, measure out 100cc/ml of distilled or bottled water into a clean cup.

  • Take ONE refill vial and empty the entire contents into the cup of measured water.

  • Mix or swirl the cup until completely dissolved. Sometimes the vial will become clumpy this is OK it will only take longer to dissolve, and will NOT affect it at all.

  • Unscrew and remove the bag from the belt. The fill port is located between the operation valve and the prosthetic. Make sure the valve is open at this time. The valve fingers will point up and down when open.

  • Using the syringe suck up the mixed solution and inject it into the bag. Make sure to close the valve after injecting fluid so it does not leak back out. Valve fingers will be pointing left to right.

  • Remove one adhesive backing strip from the supplied heat pad and apply it just below the Velcro on the bag.

  • This will make it easy to remove after use.

  • You only need ONE heat pad, DO NOT apply more. The heat pad needs to be stuck to the bag on the opposite side of the temperature strip.

  • Reinstall the bag assembly to the belt. The heat pad should be sandwiched between the bag and the belt. Making sure the heat pad is stuck directly to the vinyl bag, NOT the belt. Do NOT over tighten fill port connection, this will cause damage or crack the plastic and cause a leak.

  • Put on the belt with the thermometer temperature strip coming in contact with your body. You must wear the belt with the heat pad attached for up to one hour for it to reach the proper range of 94-100 degrees.

  • The heating pad in combination with your body heat will maintain the proper temperature for up to 8 hours.

  • This product will NOT overheat when using the supplied heating pads, they are designed to not reach over 102 degrees.

  • Monitor temperature, For the most realistic effect; allow the temperature to reach 94-100 degrees before use. DO NOT check the temperature every couple of minutes, pulling the bag away from the primary heat source (Your body) will make it challenging to reach 94-100 degrees.
  • After use clean and flush the bag several times, and store with the valve open.